• Can I take my car to Spain?
Provided that you have owned your car for more than 6 months, you can take it to Spain. Before you leave you will need to apply for a certificate of permanent export from the DVLA, and you will have to surrender the original registration document. If you become a Spanish resident you will need to re-register the car on Spanish plates in order to use it.

• Can my children be educated in Spain?
As Spain is an EU country, the state education system is free of charge and also generally of a high standard. Spanish examination qualifications are also internationally recognised.

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• Will I be allowed to work in Spain?
Any member of the EU is allowed to work in any EU country.

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Pet dogs and cats are allowed in Spain, but please make sure that inoculations are up to date and that the animal is microchipped. The next step is to apply for a pet passport that will allow the animals to return to the UK without going into quarantine.

• Can I have my state pension and other pensions paid to me in Spain?
The answer is yes. Information about how to do this is available from the DSS in Newcastle. Payments can be made directly into your Spanish bank account. The same also applies to private pension payments – just let your provider know of your new bank account details.

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• Is there health care available?
Spain has an equivalent system to the NHS in the UK and it also has private healthcare provision which is available through private health insurance. The Spanish NHS is of a good standard and is free to an EU resident.

• Do I need an identity card if I move to Spain?
All European countries operate an identity card scheme, apart from the UK. You will need to apply for a card at a national police station, which has a foreign department. Before accepting a credit card, many shops and supermarkets in Spain will ask to see your ID card, so it is useful to always have it with you.